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If it was allowed would an arena with gladiators fighting to the death prove popular in modern times?

I think it would be packed out myself which just show how bad our intellectual & moral selves have deteriorated back to sensationalism of the good old days of the Roman empire which has many similarities to the present empire we are living under today, what do you think?

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    Apr 19 2013: The reason that it is not allowed is because our moral philosophy on the subject has changed. It's as simple as that. It wasn't as if someone suddenly came along and banned bull fighting, fox hunting, gladiator fighting, stoning homosexuals etc. Our perception of these rituals have collectively, gradually changed over time. It was only two days ago gay marriage wasn't allowed in New Zealand and yesterday it became legal. So to answer your question: no it wouldn't be entertaining because we, as a society, have decided that it wouldn't be - a long time ago for this specific activity.
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      Apr 19 2013: G'day Mathew

      I see your parents knew how to spell as well!!

      I will just past & copy a response I gave someone else Mathew.

      G'day Catya

      The type of arena used ,as you have said here, has changed that's all as we are just as aggressive & blood thirsty as ever, in actual fact I think it's more blood thirsty, how many people have actually died because of the financial arena even excluding the great depression which was a blood bath in one way or another? As I have stated by supplying facts that the Roman arenas weren't as blood thirsty as some people thought or obviously want to think but I can't say the same with the financial arena.

      If you take into consideration the drug companies in how they want to keep us sick even though it kills some of us I think we are actually less civilised & moral not more. Also I think Doctors being able to invest in drug companies is a sham to say the least as I know of a number of people who have died from taking too many pills at one given time.


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