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If it was allowed would an arena with gladiators fighting to the death prove popular in modern times?

I think it would be packed out myself which just show how bad our intellectual & moral selves have deteriorated back to sensationalism of the good old days of the Roman empire which has many similarities to the present empire we are living under today, what do you think?

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  • Apr 13 2013: G'day Mat,

    I would say that it would be pretty popular in some segments , and you would have heaps of people who would be trying to be gladiators.

    The popularity of "reality tv" and the cult of celebrity we have would mean that there would be lots of applicants. The opportunity to be high profile would be a pretty big draw card for some.

    Once the reality of death close up is shown though I think the popularity would drop off very quickly. We have an expectation of dramatic and clean death from our entertainment industry - the reality of screaming and leaking bodily fluids may not be palatable to most sensibilities.

    All that said given we now have a global population of about 7 billlion people - if half a percent find it attractive and half a percent have access to it that would put the size of the participants (audience and participants) of about 175,000. If half a percent of those interested were suitable to be gladiators (training, fitness etc) the size of the gladiator pool is about 870. The Colosseum had a seating capacity of about 50,000 by modern estimates.

    Put another way if 99.5% of people reject it and 99.5% can't even find it and of those 99.5% don't want to or can't be gladiators you could still have a theoretical viewing audience of triple the capacity of the Roman Colosseum, with enough initial participants for over 400 bouts (in the first round).
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      Apr 13 2013: G'day Scott

      Well done my man, I'm not mathematical in any sense but I still love others doing the sums for or against what I propose at any given time.

      In our present social structure I can't see most people attending anyway myself & of course like you said a percentage of other who have attended such events wouldn't return for obvious reasons as you have stated here. In saying all this our social structure can change at a drop of a hat like a good size meteor hitting the Earth, you would immediately get food shortages & starving people have been known to be some what un-civilised when threatened with starvation.

      I'm utterly flawed that people like Julian below think the way they do, sorry Julian, as it's very much like blind faith to me but everyone to their own as long as they don't hurt me through their blind faiths.

      Participants wouldn't be a problem, take warring gangs from our streets for starters & what about the Arabs & Israeli's, I'm sure some of them wouldn't mind participating & maybe it would be better if they did fight in these arenas at least they wouldn't be threatening the live of innocent women & children on the streets. So what's civilised & what's not again???


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