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If it was allowed would an arena with gladiators fighting to the death prove popular in modern times?

I think it would be packed out myself which just show how bad our intellectual & moral selves have deteriorated back to sensationalism of the good old days of the Roman empire which has many similarities to the present empire we are living under today, what do you think?

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    Apr 12 2013: For contemporary society to have laws in place that reject roman arenas, we must have chosen it to be so. That in itself presupposes that we detest such forms of brutality and wish never to see the light of it again, however much we may indulge ourselves in lesser forms of violent entertainment.

    Hence, it seems to me that you have posted a rhetorical question.
    For gladiators fighting to the death to be legal and thus popular, you already presupposing that societies across the world see the arena as an acceptable form of entertainment. (as this question is being posed to a global audience, I assume you mean worldwide legalisation of the arena) The act of allowing gladiators by itself already implies acceptance of extreme violence. In this way, I propose to you, Mathew, that your question has already answered itself.

    So, instead of debating about gladiators, we might as well be talking about human nature itself. Reading your comments, I respect your opinion and profess that I cannot fully understand the horrors of war as viewed through the eyes of a soldier. However, there is no real basis to assume that most humans would enjoy extreme violence of the kind that would result in mutilation or death. For every violent inclination that some individual possess, you can find in equal measure the inclination towards kindness and gentleness in some other individual. Personally, I am more Machiavellian on the subject of human nature, but I still see humans as complex moral agents; regardless of whether humans are fundamentally inclined towards violence or nonviolence from birth, there is no reason to despise the capacity of humans to be nurtured into kind and reasonable beings. What matters is that humans retain even till today the capacity for logical reasoning and moral reflection. Why else would you be posting this debate topic in the first place?

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      Apr 12 2013: G’day Ethan
      Genuinely impressed Ethan with your reply, I suppose it is a little rhetorical in that it relates to an extreme.

      Let me ask you a question Ethan? What sort of highly intelligent being would create weapons of mass destruction that can wipe every living thing off the face of the Earth or kill of their own environment with all sorts of toxins? Not a very smart one that’s for sure. Once we stop totally from conflicting with each other & destroying & polluting our environment then we can say Roman arenas are of the past but not until then I believe, we are still Neanderthals in my mind.

      I don’t think I actually said most humans, if I did I didn’t mean too however it only takes the minority to make a radical change anyway in human perception for example the dark ages came about because of a few religious radicals & soon overtime took control of all of Europe & sent us some years back in evolution for the main reason they slaughtered anyone who had the smarts not connected directly with the church & at one stage they killed churchmen as well on sight. You don’t think this can happen again even if a meteor or the world economy totally collapsed? Well I think it can for the main reason so many other civilised civilisations in human history have fallen before to barbarism, Rome is but one example.

      Rome believe it or not was civilised to the rest of the known world at that time & they thought exactly the same as we do today, it can’t possibly happen but it did. Human thinking of today isn’t that much different to what it was back in Roman times, the same thought processes still remain however hopefully because of our knowing this from the past we won’t make the same mistakes but like I said a good size meteor or a small comet hitting the Earth would answer that question & it can happen at anytime.

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