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If it was allowed would an arena with gladiators fighting to the death prove popular in modern times?

I think it would be packed out myself which just show how bad our intellectual & moral selves have deteriorated back to sensationalism of the good old days of the Roman empire which has many similarities to the present empire we are living under today, what do you think?

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  • Apr 9 2013: You'd need huge numbers of prisoners of war and if it was known that's how we treated captives they wouldn't want to be taken alive. Unless you used regular prisoners America got a lot of them ya think we put three crip, three blood, shanks all around. Would the BGF have the courage to bro-hug it out with the black gang after mauling a handful of Latino gangs. Would you tune in? I think now a days you can't say Westerners anymore the guy who started this post Aussie etc, a limited market faces of death videos sold in the states is people dying, execution videos sold middle east, I've even heard of high stakes Russian roulette involving soundproof booths, I think some people would join of their own sick volition.

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