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Technology versus Culture - who influences whom?

For decades, mankind experienced a tremendous change in telecommunications technology, therefore changing also people's behaviour in their environment. The digital world let us look (or forces us to look) to our mobile phone and our life outside the network is gradually fading.
In former times the humankind could get non-verbal and verbal communication at once. We could see a person's face while we were talking with him, we could feel the vibe or call it "karma", we could use every antenna of our body to evaluate. People in trains, metrolines, are spending more time with their phone instead of experience their actual environment. People communicate almost everything through their new friend "smartphone". Investigating a person's profile in social media has advantages but also "spoils". We can get Information about somebody without having a real communication.

Should technology influence our culture (behaviour) or vice versa?


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  • Apr 6 2013: We have throughout our history viewed technology as them-us situation, whether the technology was the printing press, the telephone, radio, TV or any new technology. Technology always changes the world in ways we can never fully predict and some of this change is certainly as a result of the nature of the technology, but some of the unpredictable change is because people are creative and they find new ways to use every technology. It's not technology versus us, we can choose how we use technology and we can choose when to use it. We have to think more about how and why we do what we do and not feel that we are being force to use technology in inappropriate ways. I find it strange that we need to make laws to prevent people from texting and driving, that should be common sense, but it's not to many people and that's not the fault of the technology...it's the people. And why do we have to remind people to shut off their cell phones before the start of a movie?...again shouldn't that be common sense. My feelings about technology can be summed up in the line from the 1950's Pogo cartoon: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

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