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Is education the first thing that a country in crisis(such as Greece) should change or is the reform of its economy more important at first?

Do you believe that education is much more important to change in order to change the structure of the society in the long-term or is the economy the first thing that we need to change in order to get prosperity? Some people say that education needs good funding in order to change, and some others that economy needs great education and knowledge so as to change. Are they really that connected with each other? What is your opinion on this?

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  • Apr 7 2013: Let me give you a somewhat similar, but not exactly same situation in the possible "recipe" for reform from an economic crisis. Your neighbor in the North; Finland, had an economic crisis. They suffered, but endured, for a number of years to recovery. That was a relatively impressive recovery. At the same time, their education system also improved so much that they are the most envied in the world. I have no proof that it was related to the economic recovery, but at least these two changes are parallel, if not causal. So in my opinion, education reform should be emphasized hand-in-hand with the economic reform. Also a well educated population would be more understanding and tolerant on the economic difficulties you must go through in the coming years.

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