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Is education the first thing that a country in crisis(such as Greece) should change or is the reform of its economy more important at first?

Do you believe that education is much more important to change in order to change the structure of the society in the long-term or is the economy the first thing that we need to change in order to get prosperity? Some people say that education needs good funding in order to change, and some others that economy needs great education and knowledge so as to change. Are they really that connected with each other? What is your opinion on this?

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    Apr 6 2013: Pavlos, you are the best person to answer this, because you actually live in Greece. We in other countries don't know as much about the situation there as you. Would you say the country has a problem, or problems, and what is it, or what are they? Are they exceptionally bad, after all every country has problems. If it, or they, are exceptionally bad, what do you think is the answer, or answers, to it, or them?
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      Apr 6 2013: Greg, as you quite well said, we Greeks must find out the answer. However, this is what I keep talking about with my mates and circles and our opinions are always dichotomised. That's why I run to you, because you can see things from a different perspective. In the greek educational system, fine memory rather than critical thinking is tested and therefore students (and I as well) cannot judge situations correctly and are manipulated by people who simply want to lead the masses in order to satisfy their own desires and goals.
      Students in Greece only study in the last year of High School for the finals. We only study lessons that will help us get in the university. Students hate ancient Greek because they are taught in the manner of "having a good memory". We do not learn the substance of this amazing language which could help us think differently. The same thing with Greek Philosophy. This is an example that we only focus on some things and miss other much more important ones.
      When they enter university, these students either try to escape from the routine from this phenomenon or they enter political parties again being manipulated by the stronger hands. As a consequence, our educational system creates passive "victims" and not new leaders.

      We must change the root of the problem, which is not economy, but education. I don't think there must be a huge budget to carry this out. We can change by DOING. By making, small and sustainable changes. Or else, we will be in this vicious circle for eternity...

      I admit that I am 17 and that I might not know enough things to be sure about this solution. Growing up, I will form many different opinions. However, this is my opinion now that I live in this situation. What do you think, Greg?
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        Apr 6 2013: Well, Pavlos, I'm not an expert. I do sometimes think it's powerful to start with individuals rather than groups. And in fact if we're going to start with individuals, the first individual is one's self, that is, the person in the mirror. So we'll start with you. Do you consider yourself a victim? Of whom, specifically, naming specific names, are you a victim? In what way are you a victim?

        If you feel you are too young to answer these questions yet, then choose another individual in your life who you believe is a victim. What is that person's name? In what way do you think they are a victim?

        Now, if you have named someone you think is a victim, please go to them and ask them if they think they are a victim, and why or why not, and if they are a victim, a victim of what? Don't prejudge their answer, listen and see what they say. And then think about their answer. You can do it with several people if you like.

        Those are my best ideas. If you think they are valuable ideas, and you do them, get back to me and tell me what you decided and experienced.

        One thing I will say, no matter how good a school system is, some people are going to be more leaders, and some more followers.

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