Anna-Karin Strömberg

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Let's be proactive

Instead of focusing on short-term goals and profit, why not be a bit more proactive think about the future as well. When there are good years and you do make a lot of money, why not put it back into the company or inte the state and save it for a rainy day. That way you wouldn't have to lay of people.
And if we're proactive about health, then eveyone would be able to be home for a week when you're sick and rest. That was there is less risk of it getting worse, and you don't spread the germs arond.
As it seems now, people are far to short-sighted when it comes to money.

  • Apr 3 2011: Right on! Too often people think only about today and tomorrow, but not next year or ten years down the road. f We spend, spend, spend, but we rarely ask ourselves if we really need all the stuff we are buying, and too often we do not plan for changes in income.