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Acquiring something new or different seems to be easier than doing something new or different

As human beings, we've developed because of our interest in acquiring something different & new but we get stuck when we have to do something new or different. Is it because we were trained to be risk averse, good at something, be unique, fit into different streams of standardised paths(engineers, doctors, teachers...)?

In addition to various other points, I believe one key issue is when we face an challenge or a new task that we've never done before, one of the stumbling blocks is that we look at how different it is and what all we don't know, we don't look at the similarities by drawing analogies, which gives little bit strength. Entrepreneurs like the situation of taking a problem and solving it, the only difference is it tends to be a BIG problem for them and a large set of people hence the value is transformational, whereas others solve problems in their daily lives and at work which tends to be a tactical problem for them and few around them, hence the impact is incremental or marginal.

Companies don't let you handle transformational issues internally because it upsets the standardised way of doing things, they tend to allow incremental ones, then comes a transformational start-up company and then the big company tries to acquire the start-up and overtime the start-up will get standardised. We've seen this time and again. Hope the next generation approaches this differently. Transformational marketing, HR, Sales, etc and basically 'Transformational Human beings'.

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    Apr 8 2013: And what do you do if you don't like the people who are mistreating you and don't want to spend time with them?
    • Apr 8 2013: Understand why they are doing what they are doing. Sometimes people are not aware of the impact of what they doing, sometimes they are aware of what they are doing but the root cause is due to a misunderstanding and they want to inflict pain, sometimes they think its payback, sometimes its jealousy hence they want to slow you down. Knowing the intent is the first step towards finding a solution, a direct question might bring an answer or hint. Bottling up things might only create more pain.
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    Apr 6 2013: I often do things differently from most, but I have to suffer for it, my neighbors tend to regard me with a mixture of jealousy and distrust. So that may be why people don't want to do different, that the ones around them will mistreat them.

    People may believe that the human race is pretty successful, so why does anyone have to be different. Why not just be like the mainstream, who have reasonably pleasant lives.

    On the other hand, perhaps the mainstream is miserable, and the people in the mainstream don't want to think anyone is living outside the mainstream and happier than them. Misery loves company, the saying goes.

    I suppose actually it's hard to be different because the mass has a psychological and even physical power, so it takes effort to be different as one is opposed to the mass.
    • Apr 7 2013: Hi Greg

      I think when you do something new or different you inspire the people who have hope and want to move forward, the ones that dont have hope and dont/cant move forward feel jealous.

      Human race has developed so much (ofcourse there is so much more to do and develop) because of people trying something new to solve an issue, once its succesfull others copy it or adopt- entrepreneurs, businesses. Yes its hard to be different because its like a lonely battle when the mass is just looking at you either waiting for you to succeed or fail- if you think about the latter, the pressure increases,if you think about the former, the pressure reduces. Its left to us to see the water in a half empty glass! :-)
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        Apr 7 2013: But how does one deal with the jealousy, Ramesh, because they don't just look, they actively attack. But I'm going to try to encourage myself with your comment, we'll see if it helps, it may.

        Have you experienced this issue, in what context?
        • Apr 7 2013: Yes Greg, one approach which has worked for me is to pick one or two people who are jealous, spend time with them to make them understand why you are doing what you are doing, share a trick or two with them. So by doing this you open up to them, build a bit of trust ask for their views and when a small successful step happens, id talk to them and give credit.

          People like to be part of a success story and contribute. Once 2 or 3 people swing in your direction, then the other will start thinking! It will at least reduce the intensity of attack!