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Commercializing development opportunities in Africa - Africa's biggest challenge is the information deficit

Developed Africa is an online resource which will allow international companies unprecedented access to commercial development opportunities in African countries and engage the Diaspora in the development of such opportunities. This resource will be valuable not only to companies already operating in Africa, but also to those companies looking to move into this expanding market.
Companies seeking access to these opportunities will be charged a fee for registration on developedafrica.com. The African organizations which will populate this database of opportunities will not be charged a fee, to encourage maximum participation across the continent.
Engaging the African diaspora and others with a strong interest in Africa is a vital element in marketing the Developed Africa project. Engagement with the website and through social media will encourage members of these constituencies to feel engaged with the process, raising Developed Africa’s profile and generating ‘buy in’ from these influential groups. This will be accomplished through the free distribution of information about available funding, events, news and data and through effective use of social media and the Developed Africa website.
Developed Africa will source from its users:
• A database of opportunities which can be filtered by a number of different criteria to match suppliers’ capacity.
• A database of international companies and other organizations seeking business in African countries, either in the provision of goods or services or through investment.
• A database of members of the African diaspora and others interested in Africa.
• Information on funding available for African organizations and organizations seeking to work or invest in Africa.
• Information about events focusing on Africa.
• Information aggregated from news sources and international agencies providing a comprehensive source for news and data about African countries.


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    Apr 9 2013: hi Grace,
    i think you may have misunderstood what www.developedfrica.com is doing, we are not a charity. I see the issue you are raising and this is the reason why we want a solution that empowers grassroots and brings them in as partners and not solely as workers.

    Please note that we are not a charity and have a look at our website to see the difference we are trying to make in Africa.

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