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Is the 'Skateboard with a boost' a worth-while product when electric skateboards already exist?

I saw the product Sanjay Dastoor was presenting, I saw the design, I saw the price... then I looked in my shed..
I have one...and have done for over 8 years..

This product already exists, has done for well over a decade, the actual cost is marginal in comparison and also of higher quality and more durable for its purpose than the development of the one in question..


Just thought people should know that if you want one there is certainly no
-Waiting for this product to be produced
-There is no $1200 cost.

I'm also quite sure that even the battery life of my current board can cover the required distances even despite its age and model.

Mentioning this because I don't like people being ripped off for an innovative and expensive item that is neither innovative or expensive.


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  • Apr 12 2013: Looks pretty good, light weight, exclusive.
    Cost less than a tune up on my Porsche.
    Could use a little more range, can you run multiple cells?

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