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Do state governments sufficiently regulate fracking of natural gas?

The removal of gas from the shale layers employs a process called fracking which, as I understand it, essentialy cracks and crushes the shale layer (through explosives) thus freeing the gas, which is washed out with chemically treated salt water. The companies who do this are mostly from the West, and have moved to the fields in the East (such as, Marcellus Shale), where they expertly maneuver through ill-suited Eastern laws, pay landowners sums that seem large to poor people, and damage the land through many levels of earth, to capture the gas and make millions. I believe the States in the East are turning a blind eye to the danger and abuses and frauds because the money has been good, compared to no money. I think there should be a moratorium on fracking, pending legislative study. I would like payment of my delay rental first, though, because I likewise turn a blind eye to potential damage in exchange for dollars.


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      Apr 10 2013: Well, that's a good point. Fracking might destroy water. The gas companies adamantly deny that, of course. I'm aware of a couple of law suits relating to possible polluting of farm ponds and damage to livestock. It's possible that they might lead to discovery of facts and information. Whether it will ever be publicized, who can say yet? It does seem as though the legislature is unwilling to investigate - as you say, when it comes to money, everybody wants some and everybody needs it. I'm sure it would be tough, to be the state representative who digs for answers when everyone in your district needs stuff that money can buy. Actualy, i don't know of any state represrntatives who are digging for answers, come to think of it.

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