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What is a waste of time?

Give an example of the top of your head.
You are only permitted to say one thing, one sentence.
You are not permitted to comment on other opinions.
All violations will be discarded when I make my conclusion.

This conversation will be open for one week and it's purpose is to find out and sum-up what TEDsters believe is a waste of time.

Edit: this is all a matter of opinion, I'm not looking for a final answer and I'm aware that no one can really decide what is a waste of time in the long run.

Don't be afraid to say something that someone has said before you, saying the same thing again will show that you agree with the statement.

Anything goes!

Also I have the right to break the comment rule to tell people that they have broken the rule... please do not break the rules!


Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

The research was not nearly as thorough as it should have been, a conclusion is impossible to make.
It is however my opinion that time is an illusion and can therefore not be wasted. If you do however not feel good about the way you are spending your time you probably should do something else with it...(duh)

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    Apr 5 2011: Joining Facebook and Myspace were a waste of time. A big wase of time.

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