Irfan khan

Founder & CEO & Educator, United Girls Development Organization

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We are the youth of Pushtu family, Khan family, and we want change.

We are the youth of the Khan or Pushtu tribe of Pakistan, and we have been effected by the flood and swat war and bomb blasts. Now we want peace, education, health facilities and most important, we want to promote girls education and human equal rights in Pakistan.

For this purpose I am starting an idea that combines youth from villages, boys and girls, to help them find education.

  • Apr 6 2013: I have never heard of the Khan or Pushtu tribe of Pakistan.

    Please describe this tribe and what it means to you to be a member of this tribe.
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      Apr 6 2013: That's an excellent question.
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      Apr 8 2013: Khan and Pushtu are those society that have only the power of Men, and women are only for home, they will never come out form thier home and if they come out, they will kill them and about education, Only male can goes to school and having no rights for girls to go school,
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        Apr 8 2013: Yikes. So, it's not just a matter of offering education to girls. It's also necesary to provide safety. Well, good for you for expressing a desire to change. What do your mother and sisters think about it? I suspect the answer ultimately will lie with the women, since it's their lives that are at risk.
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        Apr 10 2013: How large is this tribe? how many people? Do you live in an isolated group? do most of the men in the group have the same ideas or just the older ones and the religious leaders? I think you should start by influencing the mentality of people; Spread the word that there are other ways...not only to women but to fathers, brothers...I'm sure that even if they are fanatics they have the basic human instinct to love their daughters and sisters...and with enough propaganda about love and respect of their daughters you might be able to break through at least some...; you would also set an example and precedent even if you don't succeed 100%
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        Apr 10 2013: It might take more than your generation to complete this dream..but propaganda can be a powerful thing; it works here in the west too; people can be manipulated...You might not be able to change the old people but you can work on the next generation of fathers and brothers of your age and younger...and then if there is a chance women will probably start their part in the process.
  • Apr 6 2013: brilliant! as a teacher myself i can tell you that education will naturally rise wherever it is able, so you need not promote education but merely ensure that nothing is stopping it from happening. basically all you need is for children to be able to gather in a single place, so you need peace, healthcare, and viable transport. if kids are able to come and learn, come they will!
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    Apr 6 2013: I think men as a species should weep daily for the crimes they and their brothers commit against women, the oppression, the rapes, the acid attacks, the million and one large and small harms. I applaud you. If you as a man want to try to redeem your kind by providing safety and education, what could be wrong with that? I would suggest that you as a man won't know how, that your entitlement and bearing may run too deep for you to even be aware of your attitudes. It's very hard for people who know one way to get outside of themselves and start a fresh way. If by "youth," you include women and defer to them, you might improve your chances of effecting change.
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    Apr 6 2013: Best wishes from India, brother. It is said when you educate your girls your society progresses faster and deeper. In my country we are inspired by Malala. Whole world will be by your side in your efforts to change towards better.
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      Apr 8 2013: Thank you, Pabitra, i will starting a campaign with name of education , educate a single girl, and we will progress
  • Apr 17 2013: first of all ,i appreciate your courage to to express your idea infront of the world. Problem actually lies in not understanding need of our own society and it's problems when it's compared to other societies..but,u are now able to realise it..i hope there will be young minds in future, in your society, to realise and to react againt these probs..may god bless it to be as soon as possible....
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    Apr 17 2013: Hi adesh saxena
    I am change but here need a strong struggle to change the mind of people,
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    Apr 17 2013: Hi Irfan.
    Are you willing to question well established ideas, notions and philosophies?
    Are you inhibited to talk anything under the sun?
    Be the change you want to see around you, (M K Gandhi)
  • Apr 14 2013: Irfan I'd say many charities if they knew about you would definitely help.

    We often wonder whether the Foreign Aid money given is going to the right places and actually gets to the people.

    With someone like yourself in Pakistan clearly it would. Your statement of purpose is impressive and it is what most in the Western countries wish for your country too.

    In Australia we have World Vision where we sponsor children for 8 yrs. or more with food, clothing, education so please contact them. Also all the other organisations others here are talking about. We have an amazing organisation called Rotary Australia who have been sponsoring such projects and now about to be one in Northern India.

    I'd contact the Bill Gates foundation and the Bill & Hillary Clinton foundation.

    Imagine all the money on running the military could be done away with.

    Microchip contraception for women has done wonders in Ghana, first 6 months has stopped 280,000 unwanted pregnancies and the deaths of 30,000 in child birth.'s-women
  • Apr 14 2013: Dear Irfan, You are an angel in a body!

    I do not know what to do to help but one thought came up, instead of you re-inventing the wheel, maybe it would help to contact an organization that has done this before.
    This is a download package from "Loving Arms Mission" in Canada. This organization helps people in Guatemala, South America.
    Maybe it is possible for you to Google what other organizations exist that might be able to help you. Sometimes connections with people outside your country (and their opinions) might make your position stronger.

    One more point. You could educate kids and spend every minute doing that, but that would have a small impact on a large country. Personally I think you would have more results if you could get into politics and so have more influence on not only education but also on, for instance, the quality and influence of the police force.
    Rome, or New York, were not built in one day, so just getting a ball moving might be the best way to go now.

    Wishing you all the strength and support for making your world and this world a better place!!
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    Apr 14 2013: @ Anairda sapul, I am itself and my group member are working to changing the mind of youth, so youth are the real change maker in our community.
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    Apr 14 2013: Thank you for your much motivated wording, i
  • Apr 10 2013: Please by all means do go ahead with your wonderful plans, there are too many of us who wish to change the world, we start small with our ideas and start being a role model to all. in your plans please do include the unity of the people and the removal of tribes too. Pakistan must change no matter what.
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    Apr 9 2013: Here is awareness start form education, that why i focused on education, that the way, which will bring changing in our community,
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    Apr 6 2013: Sounds good to me. What conversation do you want to have about it, since you put it on TED conversations?

    Is there any danger in girls becoming educated, don't they sometimes kill girls who try to become educated?
  • Apr 6 2013: Godspeed. knuckelheads are the group on the grow in all countries. Ratrionals are a small monority everywhere. Origin of the Political Order is the best book I've read on this subject. Special conditions have to exist for real democracy.