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Irfan khan

Founder & CEO & Educator, United Girls Development Organization

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We are the youth of Pushtu family, Khan family, and we want change.

We are the youth of the Khan or Pushtu tribe of Pakistan, and we have been effected by the flood and swat war and bomb blasts. Now we want peace, education, health facilities and most important, we want to promote girls education and human equal rights in Pakistan.

For this purpose I am starting an idea that combines youth from villages, boys and girls, to help them find education.


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    Apr 6 2013: Best wishes from India, brother. It is said when you educate your girls your society progresses faster and deeper. In my country we are inspired by Malala. Whole world will be by your side in your efforts to change towards better.
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      Apr 8 2013: Thank you, Pabitra, i will starting a campaign with name of education , educate a single girl, and we will progress

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