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Generating electicity in trains by applying breaks

An idea worth spreading
My idea is to use the motion of the train to generate power.
Generally trains move with uniform high velocities and they stop in particular stations.
The main purpose of break is to stop the train immediately or gradually.
In the case of trains they should stop at particular stations which are known in very advance,so here we can slow down the train gradually.

Now my idea is to install a gas turbine in the front block of train along with compressor,which opposes the motion of train in forward direction.
When the train is accelerating or speeding up, the front box carrying the turbine set-up should be in closed position,
When the train is needed to be slowdown or stopped we should open the door or shutter,of the front box, such that the turbine set-up will come into action creating heavy drag to stop the train.
Now when turbine runs the power can be generated and stored.
This power may not run the train,but to my knowledge it can meet the internal power requirements of the train...

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    Apr 5 2013: modern trains and trams do that. the regular break is an asynchronous generator that feeds power back to the grid.
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      Apr 5 2013: informative sir....
      but already existing railways which run with fuel, not generating any power can install a box with turbine set-up
      easily than asynchronous generator i feel...
      because this set -up can be simply added in the front and intermittent portions with a logical sequence of railroads
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    Apr 5 2013: You would need to determine roughly how much energy could theoretically be created by this action.
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      Apr 5 2013: Roughly 50-70kw
      Which can be increased with efficient equipment & technology
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        Apr 5 2013: Ok, thats interesting.
        Now how did you determine that number?
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          Apr 5 2013: rough calculation similar to turbo-jet engine which produces thrust to aircraft..
          here we are not developing thrust force,but we should run the turbine to just rotate the compressor and generator
  • Apr 5 2013: isnt this done with a car?
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      Apr 5 2013: NO friend!
      In case of cars breaks are to be applied frequently.
      we need a locomotive which stops gradually in particular intervals i.e TRAIN
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      Apr 5 2013: sorry we are not regaining the lost energy, we are trying to utillise energy which is going to be lost.
      Actually we are not directly applying the break to stop the wheel, but we are using wind force to stop the train in the form of DRAG
      Any locomotive can be stopped by following ways
      1.stopping the wheel
      2.friction due to air drag
      3.while climbing a hill
      in our case we are using the 2nd option DRAG FORCE which stops the train gradually.
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          Apr 5 2013: yes you are correct.
          my idea is an alternative source of breaking
          and to create huge drag force, turbine set up arrangements can be made in the subsequent boxes. By diverting the air logically into them we can operate these set-ups and can create more drag...