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Free and equal access to Land is the Universal harbinger of Liberty

Enshrined in the Declaration of Independence is the phrase - "All men are created equal with the Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". What exactly does that mean? Can we pin down what the right to Life truly is? For a moment let's remove our personal prejudices and definitions of Life and get down to the skinny. What upholds the actual physical Life of an individual? It is Food, Water and Oxygen. Can an individual Live without these basic necessities of Life? NO! Where does food come from? Food comes from Nature/Land which means for individuals to truly exercise their Right to Life they need direct access to the Land upon which food grows. If an individual is required to exchange their labor for money in order to purchase Land is this Liberty? Liberty is the complete freedom individuals have over their own actions. Slavery is forced submission to a dominant influence. Free and equal access to Land to procure Life's basic necessities is fundamental to the Right to Life and is the precursor to Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

  • Apr 5 2013: Flawed logic not based on reality.
    Humankind managed to get this far because we specialized labor. One specialized farmer nowdays, with the proper technology and machinery, can produce more food than hundreds of not specialized farmers.
    Let me give you an example as a brazilian. I have two sides of my family. One side comes from a poor region of the country. My uncle lives on a small land where he is able to farm, on his own, 3 hectares of land (one hectare is 100x100 meters). He has some basic machinery and has been working on agriculture for about 30 years. When its time to harvest he hires some people for a few days. He produces basic food like fruits, vegetables, corn.
    Now, on the other side of the family there is one family that has 1.200 hectares. 400 times more farmed land. It is made of a father, mother, and a daughter. This man, with 6 workers, advanced farming, trucks and tractors can not only work on more land but also produce much more from the same area.

    You see, giving land to people so they could grown their own food is stupid. It would become something like the first example I give. Yet, if you give land to people who know what they are doing, you actually give freedom to everyone else. That is why farming is the reason why civilization started. While hunter-gatheres had to scavenge for their own food, one farmer was able to produce enough food for 10 people. All the remaining 9 became soldiers, priests, scientists, leaders and artisans.

    When you specialize and become good at something you become much more powerfull, because you can do more in less time. That is why specialization is important. Having someone to produce your food and buy it for cheap actually gives you more freedom than growing it yourself.
  • Apr 5 2013: I understand your perspective. Let me ask you a question -

    - Do those individuals who are hired to work in either of your examples choose to choose to allow someone to profit from their labor or has the social structure forced them to perform labor for others in order to earn money to purchase basic necessities?

    In other words, having access to Land, would these individuals, who are our fellow human beings, still choose to work for your uncle or the other family?

    The point is not about giving Land to people to grown their own food although many would - the point is that the choice whether to grow their own food is theirs to make and the choice of whether to engage in any occupation to earn money is also theirs to make.
  • Apr 5 2013: First can you explain to me what part of my 'conversation' caused you to believe under a system of Pure Land Rights that schools, hospitals, roads or homes wouldn't be built?
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    Apr 5 2013: Tell me how schools, or hospitals, or roads, or homes, would ever get built if no one could ever reserve access to the land?