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What impact would self-assembly products have on our economy? I.e. Production, spare parts, jobs,...

Speaking of a paradigm, this is definitely one! :)

If we would start building these self-assembly products, it would definitely mean that lots of spare parts wouldn't be needed, lots of technicians would lose there jobs, less logistic organization, etc,...

But where do you see this going?
I truly believe that this can work, although people would start losing their jobs, this would definitely create new opportunities, people instead of focussing them on technical aspects, could now focus themselves on other area's in their lives, e.g. ideas for the climate change...


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  • Apr 8 2013: If these things can be transmuted into something practical, which I have yet to see, I do wonder what impact this will have on the economy, globally.

    For some earning those few dollars a day by manufacturing (nike etc), is the only thing that keeps their families from starvation.

    Or will we, as we have done in the past, ignore these marginalized peoples, and let them die, just as long as it's not show on the tv.
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      Apr 9 2013: I strongly believe that if we pay more attention to those people (economically and morally) and start giving them a proper education (voluntarily) and give them space to develop themselves, we could definitely get those people starting on more efficient working and get people create things that we have never seen before.
      Too less attention is given to those countries, this should change drastically!

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