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Sales Representative, Whirlpool Corporation

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What impact would self-assembly products have on our economy? I.e. Production, spare parts, jobs,...

Speaking of a paradigm, this is definitely one! :)

If we would start building these self-assembly products, it would definitely mean that lots of spare parts wouldn't be needed, lots of technicians would lose there jobs, less logistic organization, etc,...

But where do you see this going?
I truly believe that this can work, although people would start losing their jobs, this would definitely create new opportunities, people instead of focussing them on technical aspects, could now focus themselves on other area's in their lives, e.g. ideas for the climate change...


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    Apr 9 2013: Michael, Lets go to step one. The factory instructions that come with your product. Since you have stated you work with Whirlpool you must be aware of the owners manuals .... Please explain why it is necessary to have either a service call center where you can discuss your problem with a tech .... and second why is it necessary to have factory authorized repairmen. If your owners and repair manuals were good you would need neither. No offense to your company all others are in the same boat .... tech writing is usuall some engineer who knows the process and fails to properly assess the target population. The manual tells the housewife to achieve technical feats and it is all Greek to her ... no offense to women men are in the same boat.

    Do I really want to build my own TV ... no .. do I really want to order parts I do not need because I cannot properly analyze / troubleshoot the problem .. no.

    Having stopped at step one ... why go on. I do not see this as a good thing for the average person.

    I wish you well. Bob.

    This could only work if the company saw any worth to produce a worthwhile manual for the average person to be able to read and follow.

    If you doubt this wait until Christmas and buy a "needs assembly" present ... then you will understand.

    Sales would go up because nothing would be repaired ... and frankly I would attemot it but if I found your repair manual of no value I would never buy your product again.
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      Apr 9 2013: I don't think directly the consumer should start constructing his TV, table,.. this could be done by a company in between that then distribute these things. To me the argument about our world of today where there are "complex things built in complex ways" is clear enough and makes you want to think about how things are being done today, let's say the time that is lost, all the waste and pollution that it brings with...
      I agree with you on the manuals but then again, with self-assembly products they will be less needed, not to say not needed anymore. Definitely if there would exist companies that take care of these problems.

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