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What impact would self-assembly products have on our economy? I.e. Production, spare parts, jobs,...

Speaking of a paradigm, this is definitely one! :)

If we would start building these self-assembly products, it would definitely mean that lots of spare parts wouldn't be needed, lots of technicians would lose there jobs, less logistic organization, etc,...

But where do you see this going?
I truly believe that this can work, although people would start losing their jobs, this would definitely create new opportunities, people instead of focussing them on technical aspects, could now focus themselves on other area's in their lives, e.g. ideas for the climate change...


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  • Apr 7 2013: Theoretically the easier it gets for us to produce goods, the easier it should be to access them, and so the less people should need to work for them. Whether the economic system we have will allow for that remains to be seen.

    I would think that the logical eventuality is that manufacturing becomes such a simple automated process that anyone can do it in their own homes and won't have to work so much because they can provide most of what they need for themselves.

    I foresee a return to cottage industry and artisanship. When manufacturing is automated the focus can return to design, and hand-crafted goods will remain valued for their uniqueness and humanity.
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      Apr 9 2013: That would be an amazing thing to happen! But I think we can't forget about the big players here (big companies) who will definitely claim rights,... then again the idea of cottage industry and artisanship sounds nice!

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