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What will happen to us next? Where is our next phenotypic evolutionary change? And what will it look like?

We always learn about evolution, and the origin of species and what not, but what is our next evolutionary step? Evolution is always talked about as favorable changes to a said environment, but can you have de-evolution? Are we, as humans evolving anymore or possibly getting somewhat worse in a sense as we evolve our teachnologies. Regardless what would our species look like 1000 years from now? 10,000? 1 million?


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  • Apr 6 2013: Our brains are smaller than some earlier humans. Someone will tell me it's more complicated than that and that a little computer is better than a big computer with the same technology? Read Big Brain the book first. Why would we get better and why would we have to get better? Evolution does not always mean bigger or better. Lord knows what will be most important. Bigger ears - better to hear others talking about you. Better tolerance of high fructose corm syrup. Who knows? How about better tolerence of heat and pollution, etc.?
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      Apr 8 2013: You are correct. Think about technology. The size of phones has decreased dramatically, yet the processing power and battery life have improved substantially. I believe that this is what is happening with the brain.

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