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What is the biggest achievement you have achieved?

Everyone must have a goal in life. Thus, in order to achieve your goal you have to give your best effort,let alone make it come true. So, tell me what your biggest achievement is?

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    Apr 9 2013: The first computer program I wrote in 1967 sorted data. I have run tests since then with the best sort programs from IBM and still after 46 years none are faster than mine. That was quite an achievement however I believe that by biggest was I quit drinking and using drugs over thirty years ago.
    • Apr 10 2013: wooww...wonderful.

      You made something useful for other people.

      You must be very proud of yourself because you can quit drinking and drugs.
      I hope other can follow you.
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        Apr 10 2013: My sort at the time was thousands of times faster than what was available at the time but I told no one and my teacher could not understand how I did it because I wrote the program in FORTRAN a mathematical language he did not understand. I could have made a ton of money by selling it but at the time the whole world was in a nuclear arms race and I did not want to contribute in any way to speeding up any military objectives so I kept it a secret for over thirty years.
        As for my alcoholism I could not have quit without the help of A.A. I give them all the credit, they believed in me and supported me through years of recovery.
        • Apr 11 2013: Sometimes, what we create or invent can not be fully accepted by others.

          I do agree with you, if you contribute your sort programs for military, I don't know what will happen to this world. Maybe we hear about warfare everyday and so many innocent victims in the world. Especially children who don't know the conflict.

          OOOw..Who's A.A? Is she your wife? ( hehehehehehe)

          How lucky you are.

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