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What is the biggest achievement you have achieved?

Everyone must have a goal in life. Thus, in order to achieve your goal you have to give your best effort,let alone make it come true. So, tell me what your biggest achievement is?

  • Apr 5 2013: I once felt a true bliss and happiness when I sincerely give my energy and strength to help others. At that time I finally understood that by giving a helping hand to those who are in need could overwhelm me with happiness.
    • Apr 6 2013: Good Vera...
      When we want to help others we have to do it sincerely.
      Give your smile to those around you.
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    • Apr 10 2013: wooww...wonderful.

      You made something useful for other people.

      You must be very proud of yourself because you can quit drinking and drugs.
      I hope other can follow you.
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        • Apr 11 2013: Sometimes, what we create or invent can not be fully accepted by others.

          I do agree with you, if you contribute your sort programs for military, I don't know what will happen to this world. Maybe we hear about warfare everyday and so many innocent victims in the world. Especially children who don't know the conflict.

          OOOw..Who's A.A? Is she your wife? ( hehehehehehe)

          How lucky you are.
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    • Apr 6 2013: Dear Kate

      I do agree kate. The first one biggest achievement is We have parents gave us life..

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    Apr 28 2013: .
    Mine is I know how to "be happy validly".
    Thus, I can happily save about 90% of my money.
  • Apr 8 2013: i don't have any achievement is my life untile now
    • Apr 9 2013: Hi Marjan....

      Force yourself to get achievement Marjan. Try something new that will be good impact for you.
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    Apr 6 2013: Well, Indah, about five years ago, I started following an unusual diet. For the last five years, I have been living on milk. Every day I drink about two gallons of skim milk, and I don't eat or drink anything else. For me it has been good, I have lost about seventy pounds, and maintained the weight loss; energy up; general health better.

    My greatest achievement is informing people that it is possible to follow this diet, if they never thought about it now they know it is an option.
    • Apr 8 2013: woooowwww....great

      I think if someone want to lose weight,they have to eat balanced menu.
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        Apr 8 2013: Well, for me it doesn't work to eat a balanced menu, Indah, because to lose weight eating solid food you have to eat small portions, and I find I am always hungry, always wanting more. Living on milk, I think I am more satisfied because milk fills you up but it fills you up with water, which is zero calories, so it doesn't put weight on.

        Another advantage of milk is that it is food in fluid form, so it is easy for the body to process, it doesn't stay on you as long as solid food.

        Aren't you from an Asian country? Here in the U.S., when we go to Asian restaurants, we see very little milk or milk products, such as cheese, being sold. I wonder why Asian people wouldn't drink milk once they aren't babies, do you know? One person told me it might be because of Buddhism, but what is the connection?
        • Apr 9 2013: Dear Greg,,,

          Yes, I am. Especially southeast Asian.

          Its relative. Asian usually serve milk at home. If we go to restaurants, we usually have juice,coffee, tea, and mineral water.

          I don't think it has connection with Buddhism. As I have mentioned before, it's relative. It depends on one's perspective about drinking milk.
        • Apr 9 2013: Hi, Greg. Hi, Indah.

          Perhaps I could share to you the connection between drinking milk and Buddhism. Well, I am a Buddhist, but not a strict one. I once watched a video, secretly recorded by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). This video showed me how the animals were tortured before they were slaughtered. This is one of my reasons why I never drink milk. Whenever I wanted to, the pictures of the torment appeared in my mind.

          Some Buddhists apply the teaching "Universal Love or Nature Loving". Therefore, they don't take any dairy products since they are taken from animals.

          However, back to what Indah had said, it all depends on one's perspective. We cannot decide it firmly.
          That's all what I would like to share.

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    Apr 5 2013: G'day Indah

    Existing in the first place & surviving in the second place & for the third place, I will have to wait until it comes.

    • Apr 6 2013: Hi Mathew

      To survive in any conditions is the most important.

      Thanks Mathew..