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The political debate regarding free-market v socialism v libertarianism etc is actually all a complete waste of time.

Every human civilisation eventually spontaneously generates an upper class that goes on to hoard all the goodies to the detriment of the plebians. You've just got to hope that as a pleb you can convince the upper class you have something they need. The time when you really have a problem is when the default ruling class have no ambition and decide to maintain the status quo. It's been 1955 in North Korea for over 50 years now for exactly that reason.


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      Apr 7 2013: If you base your observations of North Korea on weaponary, their current crop seems to be a step backwards from what they had during the war. Also they aren't totally isolated, they do business with China and China seems to be going ok on the technology front. Anyway my point is they are not progressing as the leadership wants it that way. If they wanted progress they could open their borders but they chose not to.

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