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Is your college degree worthless?

Hello Ted World! I will never stop asking you guys questions! It's out of respect though, I respect you guys so much!
My question is, is there such a thing as a useless degree? Okay. my interests in a nutshell. I love talking. I love debating. I love making films. I love directing. I love public speaking. I love planning events. I am currently a junior, 17 years old, and recently I held my very first event at school. I had speakers, performers, videos, presentations, and the purpose of the event was to inspire people to be themselves and love who they are. My ultimate dream is to be a talk show host. The best major that I think suits me is communications. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard that it was a useless major. That I would never be able to find a job. And live my whole life working at Burger king.
Is there such a thing as a WORTHLESS degree? And if you don't mind sharing, what did you major in? How did that turn out?
Thank you:)
I'll make sure to answer my own question after I've read everybody's response.


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  • J Brine

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    Apr 5 2013: I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in mathematics. I have also been teaching myself how to do basic web design. I feel like I would fit really well in a product development type of setting or something that hones in on all of my skills... (Maybe I need to create my own position). I love inspiring and meeting new people, I love climbing, innovation, I love traveling, I enjoy business, and I think I have the ability to visualize company structures in a way most people don't.
    I know what I want out of life and I have been spending time going after it but I am extremely limited by my monthly amount of student loans. I would love to spend some time volunteering in 3rd world countries, and taking internships with companies I really want to be part especially in product development of outdoor equipment... Right now these things are not an option due to the extreme level of debt I have from college. If I don't pay my loans they will go after my parents (the cosigners) and they are not in a position to deal with that.
    I was filmed for a test piece for a documentary recently and hopefully the producers will be able to get the funding and tell some really great stories about how the American dream is changing due to student loans. Strapping people with absurd amounts of debt and high interest rates holds really talented people back from realizing and following their dreams and no one is going to benefit.
    College is a great experience to grow and learn who you are but what you want at 18/19/21 might change when you actually get into the industry. If you will be paying for it yourself avoid private loans at all costs or minimize them. it's important to have more freedom to move where you need to in order to find what suites you best after school. College is perfect for some people- just gather as much knowledge as you can going into it which it and if you have a passion which it sounds like you do follow it!!!! No matter what anyone says.
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      Apr 5 2013: Thank you so much! that really helped me!
      I have question! I originally wanted to start with a community college before transferring. But when I ask around, people keep telling me about the "college experience" that I am going to miss. In your opinion, is the college experience that one has worth the debt?
      • J Brine

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        Apr 6 2013: That is a very tough question. It very much depends on the person and your background. For me personally the "college experience" shaped who I am today. I realized the many possibilities of the world, met people from backgrounds I didn't know actually existed, and grew into myself in what felt lik a more healthy and judgment free zone then I had previously been in. That being said the lesson I learned is that any experience is only what you are willing to take from it. I think the "experience" if your ready for it helps you grow, and learn a lot. But your entire life will be a wonderful learning experience if you let it!

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