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Is your college degree worthless?

Hello Ted World! I will never stop asking you guys questions! It's out of respect though, I respect you guys so much!
My question is, is there such a thing as a useless degree? Okay. my interests in a nutshell. I love talking. I love debating. I love making films. I love directing. I love public speaking. I love planning events. I am currently a junior, 17 years old, and recently I held my very first event at school. I had speakers, performers, videos, presentations, and the purpose of the event was to inspire people to be themselves and love who they are. My ultimate dream is to be a talk show host. The best major that I think suits me is communications. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard that it was a useless major. That I would never be able to find a job. And live my whole life working at Burger king.
Is there such a thing as a WORTHLESS degree? And if you don't mind sharing, what did you major in? How did that turn out?
Thank you:)
I'll make sure to answer my own question after I've read everybody's response.


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  • Apr 5 2013: Hi, Fonku,

    Probably there is not such thing as a worthless degree, as there is no worthless key. The only thing you might need to evaluate is that each key will open different doors. Some of them, are like master keys to some fields and open many doors, and others are very specific and serve only for a special door. The trap is that there is not a worthless degree, but there are many wothless teachers, and even worse, worthless universities. Good educators are good experience transferrers, who will give most of their students the keys to open those doors they desire to open, and you will probably not find them exclusively at the university. I am 40, and have a degree in Electronics Engineering. My technical education allowed me to speak the specific language of telecommunications, for example, or design a circuit, but when the moment when I wanted to startup my company arrived, I've discovered that other intangible things as languages, communication, sales or strategic thinking skills i had with much effort pursued, were probably more important. And i didn't got those keys just in the university. And i've discovered i was lacking many other keys, which now I'm looking for. So, to sum up, there are no false doors. There are small rooms and false keys for those doors, and plenty of key sellers, some of whom are in fact gatekeepers, and just a few generous people who will help you get where you want. Just beware of the keysellers.

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