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What the world would look like if the whole world had only one central government?

I love politics I thought if the world would unite the whole world would look beautiful but if we had only one governing system. What the world would look like?


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  • Apr 4 2013: I am amazed at the answers to your question.
    They reveal an inability to think, or a choice not to think. Brainwashed so that they no longer can envision good, goodness, change and more than likely don't want change, even if it were for the benefit of all.
    You asked them to imagine. They cannot. They are dead. They take your world, a new one, and install all the shit, crap, evil and negativity from the one they now squirm around in. It's pathetic. And, they think they are thinking.
    I imagine your world without money for money is directly connected to almost 100% of all crime world-wide.
    The small percentage not directly connected, is indirectly connected. So virtually all crime is gone and so are the reasons for crime, i.e. greed, fear, the need to corrupt, to kill, invade, lie, cheat, steal, blackmail, embezzle, and so on.
    Next, all Human Needs are Human Rights and are provided free, by people (us), to people (us), because they are what we all work for already, but we cannot meet those needs because of money, i.e., corruption, greed, fear, etc., the basic features of a corrupt, unjust system. Apparently, they want to keep that system.
    Without crime, laws are not needed. Only a few. Less legislation. That means virtually no politicians or politics because they never solve problems anyway and are thus completely irrelevant, particularly in your (my imagined) new world. Morality can never and should never, be legislated. But, there will still be some crime, very little and a little law enforcement will suffice.
    Instead of using the term governing, I prefer to use management and right now, as things stand, everything is mismanaged by those in power, so they all, all of them, have to go.
    The resources of the earth are to be managed by the people of the earth and not owned or controlled by anyone, any corporation or any country, because they belong (if they belong) to everyone on earth and everyone has a right to their free share needed to live in health. That's a start
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      Apr 6 2013: Random, what would you replace money with, the old system of exchanging goods? But how would this do away with crime, people who had fewer goods would still steal from those who had more.
      • Apr 6 2013: Human Needs have to become Human Rights.
        It is people who provide (do the work), create,, and so on, but the best
        thing I have looked into is the resource-based economy espoused by Jacque Fresco down
        in Florida.
        Consider that he has worked on re-engineering societies (particularly the U.S.) for over
        75 years. There is no one else, nor any other study or plans, done by anyone else who can
        approach the amount he has produced for doing such a thing.
        And we most definitely need to restructure our society and our management (governance).
        What mostly happens is that people scoff and dismiss him and his Venus Project out of hand without truly considering his ideas without prejudice, prejudice that comes in the form of already pre-conceived ideas that nothing can change and if it isn't perfect and doesn't answer every single question, then it is somehow no good. It is very narrow, short thinking. In fact, it isn't thinking as I said in my first post. It is just repetitive rhetoric by individuals who have been rendered artificially intelligent and say what they have been programmed to say. (which is nothing more than having been brainwashed for decades.)
        Short answer, when people's needs are met, they act and behave quite differently - no crime, because there are no reasons to commit crimes.
        What we see and what most keep saying we will always see, is a perversion of how humans are because so many are not getting their needs met and of course they will then respond in whatever way they deem necessary in order to survive.
        So would you. So would anyone.
        With the numbers of humans, we need a new system, not a new government.
        We need what will work, not demonizing and then debating (soberly and rationally), who should be killed in order to stem the false-flag fiction of overpopulation.
        A just system doesn't have corruption at any level nor reasons to become corrupt.
        Think on it for awhile until you can begin to envision what you couldn't before.
        It's your baggage in the way.
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          Apr 6 2013: I'm a little doubtful, Random, because here in the U.S. we more or less meet everyone's needs, nobody is starving, nobody lacks housing who wants it, free clothes are available from different charities. Yet, despite meeting everyone's needs, we have quite a bit of crime, the last figure I heard was 3 million in jail or prison.

          By the way, on the other conversation, I'm sorry you've gone through serious health problems. I was saying to Derek that there are programs to help poor people pay for medicine, but I meant in the U.S., where he and I live. I'm surprised you had problems in Germany, I thought you had socialized medicine?

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