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Companies, mainly leaders, need to take a bottom-up approach with employees in order to succeed in future

In the future leaders, managers, marketers, HR will have a different challenge or opportunity with each employee building his/her own brand and amplifying their views in the spheres of influence, these members will find it difficult to ‘manage’ human resources, they have to start thinking about how to make the company relevant to these resourceful humans so that they embrace the company objectives and convey the messages in their spheres of influence. The tables are turning, companies that are moving away from hiearchy to wirearchy will survive in the future as they will be agile, resourceful with crowdsourced insights.


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  • Apr 8 2013: We don't have the kind of leadership to make this happen regretably.
    • Apr 8 2013: Yes, there is a lot of talk about this subject these days, so hopefully it will make a small difference. Generation Y might be in a better position to do it, but yes currently such leadership seems to be rare.

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