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Companies, mainly leaders, need to take a bottom-up approach with employees in order to succeed in future

In the future leaders, managers, marketers, HR will have a different challenge or opportunity with each employee building his/her own brand and amplifying their views in the spheres of influence, these members will find it difficult to ‘manage’ human resources, they have to start thinking about how to make the company relevant to these resourceful humans so that they embrace the company objectives and convey the messages in their spheres of influence. The tables are turning, companies that are moving away from hiearchy to wirearchy will survive in the future as they will be agile, resourceful with crowdsourced insights.


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    Apr 4 2013: G'day Ramesh

    Good post by the way.......Utterly agree, the hierarchy system has to die out for us to go on &/or for capitalism to work properly in the future.

    There is a fundamental problem, we have more highly educated people running the show today who think they know it all because they have some sort of degree, they are not going to want to give up their social status & lower themselves down to a supposed lower class of people.

    The strangest thing is we have many more highly educated people with all these degrees running the show but the world is in a bigger mess than it ever has been plus corruption in repent throughout the system & the world, what happened to intelligence?

    Any smart highly educated person will do as you say & go the way of wirearchy however I don't think they teach common sense in universities/colleges just egotism & hierarchy. Thank God my stepdaughter had common sense enough before going into uni because she witnessed utter snobbery brought on by egotism & hierarchy at it's worse.

    • Apr 5 2013: Good-day Mathew, thanks for your post.

      I think hierarchy starts at an very early stage in ones life- schools, society, university etc. the problem i have with the education system is it focuses mainly on technical or subject aptitude and not much on attitude thats related to doing things along with others. In my experience Ive seen many partially intelligent people who are good in their subject but cannot stand a difference in opinion and they will just bulldoze through, which is not good for a larger group in order to achieve a common goal, thats why i call such members as partially intelligent!

      In my view one good thing that social media has done to generation Y is, they will get used to airing their opinion and the so called negative vacuum will disappear overtime. Of course there is a danger of having too much noise on different subjects sometimes on social media, but I guess it will evolve over time.


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