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How to solve the problem of vandalism?

Two days ago we had a problem, 26 plants were destroyed, and what's worse is that they were all boarded up, it means that the vandals had to work harder to reach them. But that's not all, they even brought additional tools to destroy them. My question is how to prevent this kind of vandalism?


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    Apr 6 2013: Rajko, why would vandals destroy trees? Did these trees belong to somebody, or were they on government land? Were they old trees, with deep roots, or young trees that had just been planted? Again, what do you think was the vandals' motive? Were the trees in somebody's way? Were they part of a scientific experiment? To give suggestions, it seems we have to know the situation.

    Where I live I almost never see vandalism. I see a lot of graffiti. I don't know if you can prevent every incident of graffiti. Only occasionally will you catch the person who did the graffiti. But I would think the person who does the graffiti pays, in some way, somewhere in their life. Perhaps it is the same with vandalism, you may not catch the perpetrator, or prevent every incident, but you know that somewhere in their life this person pays in some way.

    Do you live in a poor area? Maybe you need to work hard, make money, and move to a richer area where there is less vandalism.

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