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How to solve the problem of vandalism?

Two days ago we had a problem, 26 plants were destroyed, and what's worse is that they were all boarded up, it means that the vandals had to work harder to reach them. But that's not all, they even brought additional tools to destroy them. My question is how to prevent this kind of vandalism?

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    Apr 9 2013: "broken window theory"
    Read Dan Ariely's book : "The honest truth about dishonesty" : (Basically know how people rationalize such actions!)
    Here are his two TED Talks on the matter :
    Dan Ariely: Our buggy moral code :
    Dan Ariely : Beware conflicts of Interest :

    And on the same matter, you could get the book :
    The Lucifer effect (how good people turn evil) by Philip Zimbardo :
    Philip Zimbardo: The psychology of evil :

    With all this knowledge it would give you a better understanding as to why people might vandalize. (There is even a chapter in the "Lucifer effect" where an experiment was done, they found people are more likely to vandalize if someone else has vandalized or for social conformity. Thus making it the norm)

    So you can make it, so that people get reminded of their morality and individual responsibility before they vandalize somehow. Or make norms, which go "Vandalizing isn't cool" so that the people who don't get rejected by the in-group.

    Or you can increase the detterant to such an extent no one would : E.G Kill people who vandalize.

    All of these are possible explanations. (Some more ethical than others.)

    WHILE :
    I must say, I feel sorry for your plants, and hope my advice + the TED Talks let you understand them better. Thus more capable to deal with them!
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    Apr 4 2013: It is important to seek advice pertaining to security and security measures in the areas.

    When it comes to vandalism we can only try our best. There will always be enemies of good things in the world.
  • Apr 4 2013: Education does help,educate all people be conscious as good as you are.
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    Apr 9 2013: Vandalism always has it's reasons, every human action has it's reasons. Most of the cases it's conflicts that are not adressed in the right ways. There is no universal solution, every case has it's own solution. If you dont see the reason for this act of vandalism you need to gether more information, also this is a way to see a solution.
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    Apr 6 2013: Trees were on government land. They were young trees that had just been planted. Vandal don't need to have reason.!
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    Apr 6 2013: Rajko, why would vandals destroy trees? Did these trees belong to somebody, or were they on government land? Were they old trees, with deep roots, or young trees that had just been planted? Again, what do you think was the vandals' motive? Were the trees in somebody's way? Were they part of a scientific experiment? To give suggestions, it seems we have to know the situation.

    Where I live I almost never see vandalism. I see a lot of graffiti. I don't know if you can prevent every incident of graffiti. Only occasionally will you catch the person who did the graffiti. But I would think the person who does the graffiti pays, in some way, somewhere in their life. Perhaps it is the same with vandalism, you may not catch the perpetrator, or prevent every incident, but you know that somewhere in their life this person pays in some way.

    Do you live in a poor area? Maybe you need to work hard, make money, and move to a richer area where there is less vandalism.
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    Apr 6 2013: what kind of plants are you talking about?

    What do you think was the vandals' motive?

    Vandalism around the world I don't think is a huge problem, or I rarely see it where I live. Do you see it a lot where you live?
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    Apr 4 2013: OH Rajko....I am so sorry! I am a gardener, aware of how much time, energy and love goes into nurturing plants. I'm also aware of the for our environment....etc.

    As a past member of court diversionary programs, I have seen that when the vandal has to repair the damage, and meet the victim face to face, it often DOES leave an impression with them, and I firmly believe that this process can help to change the problem of vandalism. Of course, in order to do this, we have to know who the vandal is, and the programs need to be used by the authorities (police and court systems).

    So, this solution is probably not going to help your situation at the moment. I feel your frustration, and send you loving gardening energy:>)
  • Apr 4 2013: trained dogs. so they dont mess ur plants up. a really loud alarm system. what kinda neighborhood u live in if u dont mind me askin?
  • Apr 4 2013: as long as your legit get cameras and prosecute, if they were concealed it was somebody who knew you or someone in the neighborhood.nobody saw anything?
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      Apr 4 2013: its not in my neighbornhood, it was planted next to the road, and it had fence around every single plant. I want to see how to fix problem on global level. Because it kind of hurt when thay "distroy" something what is good, healthy, and even beautiful.
      • Apr 4 2013: oh ok.i see now. yeah . thats a pretty vulnerable area along a public road. theres no quick fix for ignorance. from what it sounds the dummies probly thought they were doin a good thing.but then again, sometimes people do destructive mean things for the sole purpose of being destructive and mean because thats what they like.its crazy.
  • Apr 4 2013: were they concealed?
  • Apr 4 2013: just destroyed? not taken?