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Jihad, is it a holy battle to cause fighting in this world or to bring about peace?

Jihad is a widely discussed subject, since it deals with a major part of the worlds religious population, Islam. People have misconceptions on Jihad and feel like they should make it safe for the rest of the world by softening its meaning. For a Muslim, Jihad is the most difficult, and rewarding of activities during our lifetime.
Peoples view can only be clarified with proper evidence and talking about it. Id appreciate knowing what you guys think and if you are prepared to learn more about the reality of things.


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  • Apr 5 2013: So the Jihad is the struggle against injustice, with both injustices one see's in the world and inside oneself. This is hardly a new concept to those of us who are not Muslim so and I believe we can all relate. Of coarse it is taken out of context by those without a cultural understanding of the practice, we know only what we have seen. Far too many times have the only things I've heard about Islamic Jihad been about the physical violence done in the name of the Muslim faith despite its real purpose. Each of us struggle with our own inner demons, our temptations, our emotions; From what I read, and correct me if I am wrong, this inner struggle is as important a part of Jihad as standing up the evil we see outside of ourselves. I agree that one should stand up against violence, tyranny, oppression, hatred and abuse in the world and if that is the Muslim term for this struggle than I agree that it is a concept shared by many though perhaps without the specific traits of the Muslim faith. Good people are not so different in this regard. Also, those who wish to cause evil are similar to each other; they seek justification for their hatred and violence and so champion a cause seen by many to be rightious that those they are attacking did not understand the true meaning of, hence the misconception. I like the example of Hitler using the Buddhist symbol for his swastika, another one that might hit home is the KKK championing christianity to persecute people of all different faiths, ethnicities, and political views among other things. We can not control who takes our principles and twists them into an excuse to hurt and to hate, but we can try to look deeper than only those who use these causes in spite of the true intent of what they teach, and not consider all with related yet peaceful views as exactly the same as the ones of violence. Thank you for sharing part of your culture and clarifying. It seems a noble cause when practiced nonviolently.
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      Apr 5 2013: Hi Chris! I appreciate your feedback and understanding. Please read my reply comment to ZX Style just below and see what I explained to him about Muslims and violence in this world in our context and what we as Muslims are actually thought about this. Thank you.

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