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Is it possible to provide a healthy meal at Rs.5/- around 10 cents ?

Today we see lot of food wastage all around the world. At one end we see tons of food is wasted & at other we see millions of people sleep everyday without a good healthy meal. Can we bridge this huge gap ?

We are mass producing thousands of products to make them accessible to millions of people. why can't we do that in food sector , bring down the price & let it be available to needy hungry people all over the world ?


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    Apr 7 2013: I was just thinking..
    One food that tends to meet a large portion of dietary requirements is brown rice

    Perhaps this would add to the subject?
    Seeing as the food can be easily contained for long periods of time, is light weight and can suit the climate of a number of countries local and within the most problematic areas with this issue (simple and quick transport).
    I believe rice is also the most abundant food source already in countries such as India.
    Its not quite food-distribution on a global scale, but it would immediately provide an easily affordable food source (atleast 2/3 of a healthy meal).

    I eat it myself on a daily basis, almost solely with just a small few spoonfulls of flavouring, so its not a double standard as to what poorer people would be expected to eat either.
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      Apr 7 2013: Thanks for your inputs. Yes, rice is one of the main staple food as far as India is concerned. We consume rice daily. In many other parts of the world also rice is one of the main item of daily meal. But unfortunately the price of rice now a days have risen very sharply. Wheat also can be considered as not only it is available at half price of rice but also provides more strength. Wheat is also consumed on daily basis. If this is coupled with green leafy vegetables with the help of some good replicable technology at village level, I think nobody will sleep without a healthy meal.
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      Apr 7 2013: One area that researchers have been pursuing is supplementing the rice at the level of the miller with micronutrients. Even in India, my understanding is that hunger is typically less about having enough calories at this point and more about missing key micronutrients such as iron.

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