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Is it possible to provide a healthy meal at Rs.5/- around 10 cents ?

Today we see lot of food wastage all around the world. At one end we see tons of food is wasted & at other we see millions of people sleep everyday without a good healthy meal. Can we bridge this huge gap ?

We are mass producing thousands of products to make them accessible to millions of people. why can't we do that in food sector , bring down the price & let it be available to needy hungry people all over the world ?


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    Apr 5 2013: A healthy meal in its entirety for 10c?
    Probably not an adequate meal, but to determine a practical cost one would need a point of reference for Indias cost of living (assuming we start with India), so next time you're in a larger supermarket and local market..

    1. Find out the lowest price for a can of un-branded beans
    2. The lowest cost for a bowl of rice (roughly, given the size of the bag)
    3. A package of fruit/vegetable seeds (any).

    A point of reference would give an idea on production costs of the items in question
    (I've worked extensively in the retail and food sectors).
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      Apr 5 2013: Welcome to this conversation & thanks for your valuable inputs. Well, if we refer to "super market" or " can of un-branded beans" or " package of fruit or vegetable" it will be highly impossible to bring down the final cost. But yes, if we refer to local market produce in bulk, I think we can manage. In many places a meal is being served locally at around 25 cents. What I am thinking is can we provide some kind of simple technology ( which can be replicated easily) input by which, the food can be preserved more & transported easily at a cheaper rate ?

      I have seen in many villages, sometimes the vegetables fetch such a low price that it barely covers transportation charges to the nearby market. All the inputs - time, water, seeds, final produce, their labor - everything goes to waste. Really bad scenario ! and on other end people sleep without a meal. So it is not lack of food but proper distribution at right time is the main problem.

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