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Is it possible to provide a healthy meal at Rs.5/- around 10 cents ?

Today we see lot of food wastage all around the world. At one end we see tons of food is wasted & at other we see millions of people sleep everyday without a good healthy meal. Can we bridge this huge gap ?

We are mass producing thousands of products to make them accessible to millions of people. why can't we do that in food sector , bring down the price & let it be available to needy hungry people all over the world ?


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    Apr 4 2013: Dear Jayprakash, no it is is not possible to provide a healthy meal at Rs. 5/-
    About a year ago I conducted an experiment, inspired by the idea a friend gave me. The challenge was to live on Rs. 30/- per day for all food and drink for a week. I pulled it off but barely. Lost 4 kgs by the way. I am sure I could not have survived a month.
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      Apr 5 2013: Well, I think what you did was to experiment alone. What I am suggesting is that with the help of present technology and on a large scale it seems possible. In Ahmedabad there are a few special small hotels who provide meals to poor at Rs.5/- . If they can do it on a small scale basis, I think with some technological inputs & some brain storming, it may be possible to provide a healthy meal to many needy persons.
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        Apr 5 2013: That's great. But can you indicate whether these hotels provide meals at Rs. 5/- as a business or charity? Subsidies won't help, I think. If wholesome meals with basic nutritional values can be provided at Rs.5/- as a successful private business model, I am interested to know about it.
        Silent hunger is more devastating than just hunger. A human being requires properly balanced nutritional diet between six months of age to 18 years or the growth may be stunted. It may result in lower brain mass, lean muscle and deficient vital functions. Such a person can still be alive but will produce lower socially.
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          Apr 5 2013: It is a business, though it services mainly poor & laborers. There are around five to six hotels in Laldarwaja area of Ahmedabad. This is the heart of old city. These hotels are there for nearly 50-60 years. This proves its success. Ya. you are right, subsidies won't help. I do agree on that and that is why I am looking for technological answer that can bridge this huge food gap. Instead of putting more & more resources for food production, if we can find some good cheap way to preserve & transport food from production to end user, we can ensure that our precious resources like water & productive land can be free & productive for many many years.

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