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Is it possible to provide a healthy meal at Rs.5/- around 10 cents ?

Today we see lot of food wastage all around the world. At one end we see tons of food is wasted & at other we see millions of people sleep everyday without a good healthy meal. Can we bridge this huge gap ?

We are mass producing thousands of products to make them accessible to millions of people. why can't we do that in food sector , bring down the price & let it be available to needy hungry people all over the world ?


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    Apr 3 2013: Jayprakash, are you familiar with the Poverty Action Lab at MIT? It is a research group involving an international group of scholars who study issues that include hunger (but also health care and other challenges) and cost-effective means of addressing them.

    Do check out that website (J-PAL). Their finding is that, looking at people who are not specifically in war-torn areas, so that would include many of those living on the equivalent of less than$1 per day in India, China... the challenge is not so much adequate calories but rather micronutrients. They have studied strategies that work, and that don't, for increasing take-up of micronutrients, cleaning water, using mosquito nets, getting kids vaccinated, and so forth.
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      Apr 4 2013: Thanks for your information. I checked out the website . They are doing their bit, but unfortunately I did not find any thing related to prevention of food wastage, am I missing something ?
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        Apr 4 2013: They are not involved in prevention of food wastage and transfer to those who need it. They are involved, though, in the question you posed of what an efficient means is of getting families to consume adequate nutritious food.

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