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Do enough people, espescially children, know that we are living in an extinction event caused mostly by us?

Of all the chaos going on in the world I cannot think of one more disturbing than the fact that we are decreasing the diversity of life by an estimated factor of 150 species per day.

Why is this not a more prominent topic?


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  • Apr 4 2013: I suggest that there is substantial doubt (doubt arising from the lack of evidence to the contrary) that we are living in an extinction event, and if we are, that it is caused mostly by us.
    Our inability to answer these questions directly correlates to the degree of understanding by the majority.
    'If' these questions are answered affirmatively, let us hope that the time it takes to perfect our understanding of the dilemma does not leave us with insufficient time to remedy it, if indeed such a remedy is possible (too late of course for the 150 species per day that have perished in the meantime).
    Furthermore, I suggest that a decline in biodiversity of 150 species a day (whilst shocking to me), is not especially high when taken from a total perspective of the history of life on Earth. As I understand it there have been extinction events in the past which eradicated 98% of all life on Earth, and that all life today is descended from the 2% that made it. And yet we live in a world of unimaginable biodiversity, all descended from that meagre 2%. Nature finds a way to go on. Whether mankind will is of course another debate entirely, and for all manner of reasons aside from the 'messing in our own back yard' argument.
    In short I believe the assertion that we are living in an extinction event is disputable, and even more so that it is of our own making, and that the quoted decrease in biodiversity is in anyway linked to this asserted event.
    Such events have happened in the past of course, which were obviously not caused by us, and that being the case then, what arrogance is it of man's to believe that we are either a contributor to, or possess the power to avert such events when they occur?
    • Apr 4 2013: What points can you make that bring you to your skepticism?
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      Apr 6 2013: The question of whether we are in a mass extinction event is contentious, but mostly for political reasons. It is not a question of whether its happening, or whether we cause it, it is a question of how much extinction qualifies a time period as being an "extinction event".

      When considering this we have to remember that industrialization is still only a blink of an eye in geological time frames and we can only truly understand how much extinction we have caused after we have reached some sort of equilibrium with the ecosystem and the extinctions return to a normal level.

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