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Do enough people, espescially children, know that we are living in an extinction event caused mostly by us?

Of all the chaos going on in the world I cannot think of one more disturbing than the fact that we are decreasing the diversity of life by an estimated factor of 150 species per day.

Why is this not a more prominent topic?


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    Apr 3 2013: Beyond a few particular examples, what evidence can you submit that we are responsible for the extinction event at large?
    • Apr 3 2013: Well there is plenty of literature about it. I wonder do you have any evidence that the extinction event at large is not human induced?
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        Apr 4 2013: The burden of proof is on you, Brian. Please cite a report claiming that the extinction event is anthropic in nature.
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        Apr 4 2013: Yes, I do doubt that it's anthropic. The sources you cited either do not state the source is anthropic, or that the cause is global warming, for which there is also sketchy and conflicting evidence for an anthropic cause.
        • Apr 4 2013: Clearly you have not spent much time looking at the material. Global warming is not the main point on any of those.

          Do you believe species can survive habitat loss, invasive species, pollution, habitat alteration, exploitive hunting/fishing?
        • Apr 4 2013: You still haven't answered LJ's question, BR.

          What credible sources can you show that cite this supposed extinction event is anthropic?
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        Apr 4 2013: I do not think the burden of proof is on you Brian, at least no more than the burden of proof is on the contrarians who maintain 'business as usual' is what we should follow. I get comments like what you got when I mention planetary boundaries and Johan Rockstrom's work on that. Humans are a single species and there are only bacteria more populous than humans on earth. Some 20 years ago, as a single species it was appropriating close to 40 % of ALL global photosynthetic produce.

        I think fish don't discuss about the water they swim in.
        • Apr 4 2013: Bacteria are NOT the only species to outnumber humans.
          Ants and termites, to name just 2 invertebrates account for c.3500M tons of biomass alone
          Not to mention krill, marine fish, chickens...........

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