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Do enough people, espescially children, know that we are living in an extinction event caused mostly by us?

Of all the chaos going on in the world I cannot think of one more disturbing than the fact that we are decreasing the diversity of life by an estimated factor of 150 species per day.

Why is this not a more prominent topic?


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    Apr 3 2013: All successful species become successful to the detriment of other species. It's called evolution. At some stage in the future an as yet unknown species will become successful at our expense.
    • Apr 4 2013: No species in its natural habitat drives another species to extinction. Have any examples?
      Invasive species are a different story.

      Your line of argument excuses our guiltiness for massive species loss because other species (creatures that don't have close to the mental faculties as humans) do it naturally like evolution?
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        Apr 4 2013: All the plants and animals we only know from fossils were driven to extinction by other species who either competed with or predated on them. Remember when we say a species evolved into a new species what we really mean is that the offspring of one individual had an advantage over the rest of the species. The new species evolves by causing the extinction of the old species.
        • Apr 4 2013: There is a natural background extinction rate. I am guessin this is what you are talking about.

          Humans have caused an extinction rate many times the natural background. Habitat loss, introduction of species to ecosystems, over consumption, ecosystem alteration, and arguably climate change are all human induced species loss.
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        Apr 4 2013: The natural background rate varies considerably and is much higher then you think. When the first photosynthetic organisms started spewing oxygen into the atmosphere and hydrosphere, what do you think the extinction rate was for species of anaerobic bacteria that dominated at the time. When flowering plants first appeared what happened to all the gymnosperms and ferns that used to populate the worlds forrests? How many species of insect became extinct after the amphibians crawlled out of the swamp?
        • Apr 4 2013: You have good examples of some species inadvertently gaining advantage over others and replacing them.

          There has never been anything like what is happening today. Unless there is evidence that one species has driven to extinction many on every continent of the world.
      • Apr 4 2013: what do u mean? we do. what do you think your not in your natural habitat?theres only predator and prey.
        • Apr 4 2013: I would like to see some evidence of any other predator that prevents other species from survival so that their species can gain access to food or other.
      • Apr 4 2013: usually ,that species is the food and sometimes they get eatin to extinction. im sure your aware of that.
        • Apr 6 2013: Of course humans are in their natural habitat. The question is is our activities and exploitation of other species "natural." I contend that one culture that today nearly dominates the globe put us in the very unnatural relationship we have today with the rest of life on earth.
      • Apr 6 2013: I thi nk what comes to mind is harmony, cause evrrything thing that's happening right now in the universe is the natural order of things.technology is a part of nature.humans aren't above or below that. but you are correct. I remember watching a special on this species of ocean creature called"crown of thorns" . theyve had a cycle for thousands of years most likely,pf eating parts of the barrier reef leaving and by therenext return the reef had ample time to regrow the part that was eaten.due to rain washing the nutrients and supplements for "beefier" crops into the sea,it turned the crown of thorns into Eating machines that actually threaten the barrier reefes existance in the long run. very delicate the balance of nature is.

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