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Social Equality? So share the expenses of the wealthy, too.

Assuming socialism is right, the rich should give the poor their money. Why does it not also follow that the poor must also then share in the risks/debts/expenses/hard work/smart work/saving money which the wealthy use to create economic wealth?


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  • Apr 16 2013: Your smug responses are appreciated. And apparently you are selectively listening to what I say, which is your right. Stealing, which is the word we have chosen to describe what the rich have done to the poor, we could use any number of words or phrases, taken advantage of, worked the system, gamed, snookered, etc, they all essentially describe the way the rich have become rich in this county. (yes it is a grossly general statement, however accurate) When the laws written by those in power (rich) and designed to "steal" from the those not in power (blacks were considered 3/5 of a person, that cant possibly still have a economic impact in today's society right?), the equal opportunity argument goes out the window. After hundreds of years with this imbalance we are at a point in our history where the gap is widening at an alarming rate. Systems like welfare and SS, where we "steal" back some of this imbalance are the only thing keeping this country from another depression, riots, and every city becoming like Detroit. I dont like welfare, it rewards some people for doing nothing, but it is the only alternative right now. We need to have socialistic systems in place, without them millions die, and we are no longer the greatest country in the world. "Give me your tired, your poor. But only if they have a well paying job and have health insurance" pretty sure thats how it reads...

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