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Social Equality? So share the expenses of the wealthy, too.

Assuming socialism is right, the rich should give the poor their money. Why does it not also follow that the poor must also then share in the risks/debts/expenses/hard work/smart work/saving money which the wealthy use to create economic wealth?


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    Apr 6 2013: Probably the hope is that if the poor get more resources, they will become more creative and contribute more, not just tread water. But it does rather feel like they don't change, they just tread water.

    Maybe the hope is that even if your own life is successful, if the people around you aren't happy, you won't be happy either. So if you give some money away, the people around you will be happy, and then you'll be happier. I think there is something to this.

    Maybe the idea is that it's not just the money you're giving away, the money symbolizes something else, that you're sharing yourself. That seems good.

    In general I'm no fan of socialism. I think the people who work the hardest should have the most. Yet I do think they should contribute to society as well. My favorite idea was George Bush, "compassionate conservatism."

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