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Social Equality? So share the expenses of the wealthy, too.

Assuming socialism is right, the rich should give the poor their money. Why does it not also follow that the poor must also then share in the risks/debts/expenses/hard work/smart work/saving money which the wealthy use to create economic wealth?


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  • Apr 4 2013: We are not in the same frame. In America these rich people rarely do the active duty thing. If one defers to Edward Gibbons in The decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, They are not doing their fair part. They are the slackers.
    • Apr 4 2013: The rich aren't doing their fair part? The rich... aren't doing their fair part? I must not be reading that right.

      Aren't the rich the doctors who save our lives? The entrepreneurs who create and grow new markets? New technologies? Isn't it the rich who have allowed us to have the amenities today which we take for granted? Isn't it the rich who are the big think-tanks that promote our economy? Isn't it the rich who create our jobs, feed our families, buy us health insurance? Isn't it the rich who donate millions to NPOs to do all sorts of social good at home and abroad? Are these the slackers you were talking about? THEY... are not doing their fair part?

      Surely what you meant to say is it's the social-security leeches, the people who refuse to find employment because they'll lose their government benefits, the people who squander their money on themselves, on alcohol, and cigarettes. It's the people who push pencils around at work to 'earn' their measley income and then complain about not having more. It's the people who go into hospitals, expect people to fix their bodies, and then dodge their medical bills once discharged. It's the people who don't educate themselves, the people who don't take advantage of all of life's opportunities. The people who don't help others grow. Who don't give back. Surely you meant it's these who are not doing their fair part. These who are the slackers.

      If you disagree please let me know. Name calling the wealthy 'slackers' and claiming they 'don't do their fair part' seems absurd. I'd sincerely be curious though why I should think differently than that.
      • Apr 4 2013: Okay Joshua maybe I'm exagerating a little as everyone else does especially some of our politicians and business leaders. Remember among ants, bees. etc. different members of a hive have different duties. There is more to life than certain jobs and positions. America has some of the lowest taxes ever and some of the lowest responsibilities ever. Look if you've ever been in the armed forces of the United States you'll see very few people from elite families or universities. Most of the political complaints are about fairly light taxes and regulations. Look also at the recent Lester TED talk. If you read Paul Ryan's reading list except crazy Ann you'll wonder what he is talking about. Adam Smith tells us that man is evil and F. Hayek tells us our bigproblems are patent law and corporations. Okay I am not an expert on deadbeat poor people, but Victor Hugo wrote a book called Les Miserabe dealing with that.

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