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If you could, what kind of superpower would you choose?

I suppose many of us would like to have some superpowers making us even more special than what we are now. Do you want to be invisible, do you want to speak 500 languages fluently, what would you like to know? Be creative!!

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    Apr 3 2013: G'day Tibor

    I already have it, it's called life!!!

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      Apr 3 2013: The power of life! I agree with that one Mathew:>)
      Included in life, is Love, which is also very powerful:>)
      • Apr 4 2013: a little kid would respond"everbody has that power...iwant somethin special"...nah..i thumbed ur comment up there. twas very beautiful. thank you.
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          Apr 4 2013: Thanks Nathan. Perhaps we could listen to, and learn from kids more often:>)
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    Apr 16 2013: Hmm idk, I see what everyone is saying with the power of life, but when talking about superpowers, i feel that means something above and beyond what we are already in the present. Superpowers are things that the great majority of us or even all of us cant do in our present lifetime. In earlier history using fire, mirrors, and smoke would cause the belief in magic or superpowers by unknowing viewers. As we gained knowledge about how our world works and the inner workings of molecules and elements we gain more and more "superpowers." In all honesty is it wrong to say that at some point in time ben franklin and nicholas tesla had superpowers? That of electricity? Now all of us have their very same ability if not more (or at least the knowledge of how this "power" works) So for the anwser of life, i feel that shames humans as dreamers, believers, inovators. Its almost like were just settling with life. We need to go above and beyond and question and dream about where we could go next, with such a question. Push our boundries and expand them. But enough about that, for me personally, since were talking about superpowers im taking into consideration all superheroes, abilities, movies, syfi & fiction products. In that, i come to the conclusion of being a very very powerful jedi knight. (yes yes a bit nerdy but wait) Think about it, you can read and control minds, control and move objects, (inanimate & organic) produce lighting, heightened physical capabilities, (spped, agility, jumping, flight etc) even possibly becoming powerful enough to control life itself, see the future. Really being a powerful jedi enables you to pretty much do whatever you want! So thats what i would be! Also just a sidenote-on the superhereo topic, if youve seen any of the ironman movies, or the avengers, tony starks digital computer tech that he has everywhere-well we have that, if you havent seen or heard anything about it i encourage you to do so, but look up sixth sense technology!
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    Apr 15 2013: I would like to have the power that brings sanity, compassion and willingness to work together with a glance of my eye, although I might be damned if an evil power uses nuclear energy to target me.
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      Apr 15 2013: Nice Kiran:>)

      You have that power don't you? My perception of you Kiran, is that YOU bring sanity, compassion and willingness to work together wherever you go..."BE" what we want to "SEE" in our world:>)
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    Apr 4 2013: I would like to extend education and culture over large tracts of people, like the ink stains the water, with only one touch. No education, no future. At least, no good future.
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    Apr 4 2013: Tibor, Thanks, however I would opt out. I believe myself to be honest, ethical, and moral but the temptations that would come from posession of a unrestricted power would corrupt even the best of "humans".

    We saw this in the comedy .. Bruce Almighty .. given powers in a small area he disrupted nature, his life and the lives of others even when his intentions were good. A funny look at "power".

    I often wish I had the power to prevent, cure, or relieve suffering ... even this small "gift" would disrupt the natural selection and the balance that is required.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Apr 4 2013: Dear Robert,
      I perceive being honest, ethical and moral to be powerful and special, in that everything that contributes to the whole in a beneficial way is special and has power:>)

      I just got the same notice when trying to give you thumbs up Bob...."users sharing the same internet connection cannot rate each other's comments!!! Must be a technical challenge with TED's system.
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        Apr 5 2013: I got that message earlier today as well.
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          Apr 15 2013: I notified Morton Bast. She said they were working on this problem at TED
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        Apr 15 2013: I notified Morton Bast. She said they were working on this problem at TED
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          Apr 15 2013: Hi Bob,
          I notified them when it was happening, and it was fixed right away....a couple weeks ago....for me anyway.....is it still happening for you?
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        Apr 16 2013: Nope, I sent you a T U just now and it works ... thanks. Bob.
  • Apr 3 2013: Ok! I'll play, cause I have had many thoughts on this very same subject lately.
    When ya first get the super power (like flying) ya have to learn how to use it. If ya live through you're first several crashes, landings, etc. ya just might have enough strength to do some good with it.
    So you're flying through the air & see a crime in progress. You fly down to save the day and the criminal ducts & U slam into the wall. So much for saving the day! When ya wake up from hitting the wall (if U survive) you find yourself in jail or on a slab to be bisected. Need I go on or do ya get the picture?
    The above applies to other super powers too but in different way.
    Humans do have great powers now, it is getting folks to use them in the right ways is the hard part.
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      Apr 3 2013: Dear Gale,
      I think I get the picture, and although it ain't pretty at times, on the other side, it can be very beautiful?

      One thing that comes to mind for me, is....if it doesn't kill us, it makes us stronger!

      We have super power....we need to learn to use it appropriately........yes?....I agree:>)
      • Apr 3 2013: I so agree with you Colleen, but I wrote what I did with tongue in cheek for most of it.
        My funny bone got the best of me.
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          Apr 3 2013: I think I got that Gale, and I think/feel that tongue in cheek, joy, humor, etc. is powerful as well.

          "Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly"
          (Scottish saying)
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    Apr 3 2013: the ability to teleport farts…...
    • Apr 4 2013: any where in the world.whos mouth would u violate first?
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        Apr 4 2013: I was thinking an elevator…ha
        • Apr 4 2013: awe..u gotta be a little more sinister than
          that. with great power comes great.......nah jk id take it out on a
          materialist and be like here's some particle matter for you...nah juss
          playin I wouldn't think of such a thing.
  • Apr 3 2013: I agree with Seamu McGrenery:we already have superpowers,but wiser we need to know how to use them in balance.
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    Apr 3 2013: Personally I believe that we already have superpowers.

    The theory of evolution tells us that we are a species of ape, yet we can do things that are far beyond the capabilities of our bodies. We can; lift great weights, fly, talk to people on the other side of the planet. We are super apes.

    As for what new super powers there are lots that I would choose: To travel through space, to live a healthy engaged life beyond one hundred.

    The great thing about being a super ape is that, if enough of us want something, we can make it happen. We can create new super powers.
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      Apr 3 2013: super ape! thats a unique one!
    • Apr 4 2013: more like beyond what we "think" were capable of.
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    Apr 3 2013: the power to find the understanding of anything. :-)
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      Apr 3 2013: You already have it my friend:>)

      I wish to elaborate Yusuf.
      We recently shared a conversation in which we agreed with some things and did not agree with some elements, and the discussion flowed with respect and understanding....in my humble perception. That is why I perceive you to have the power to understand anything. When we are open minded, open hearted, and willing to genuinely observe, explore and assimilate the thoughts, feelings and ideas of others, we DO have the power to understand in many different ways. I appreciate your understanding, which is powerful:>)
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        Apr 4 2013: Thank you Colleen. I feel that you are wise in many ways and that true appreciation can come from understanding things better! If we don't get challenged on our thoughts as well as the way we see things, how would we learn and thus progress in life?

        As you may notice, I'm still kind of young, so I may not yet know alot, but I do aspire to get better. With people like you, there's always place for thought and development, thank you Colleen.

        By the way! What super power would you want to have?
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          Apr 4 2013: Thank you too Yusuf:>)

          When we started conversing, I read your profile, as I often do, and one thing that touched me is your statement..."The way things fit together and work has always intruiged me as the revelation of understanding is one of the most understated feelings".

          I also like to discover "the way things fit together", and the exploration of human behaviors and communication has always fascinated me.

          I believe with an open heart and mind, conversing with respect and kindness can open so many doors that we may think/feel are not possible. I believe this to be powerful:>) I agree that this can be challenging, and I also agree that we have the opportunity to learn and progress in life when we embrace this practice.

          You may be young, and I also perceive you as very wise:>) To me, the first "wisdom" we may be aware of, is being open hearted/open minded. From there, we may discover the "superpower" we are seeking.

          There is nothing I "want", because I feel that I have everything I need in this life adventure. As indicated in my conversation with Gale, on this thread, I believe that as humans, we have a great deal of strength, courage and power, and part of the life journey is to discover how to use it to the best of our ability in an appropriate way.....that is......a way that we can learn, grow and evolve as individuals, while at the same time contributing to the whole. Thanks for asking:>)
  • Apr 3 2013: If I could identify what is importent and needs to be done, to be able to tell that to people and get it done - Just like what never happens now when I have a good idea.

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    Apr 15 2013: Hi Everybody,

    thanks for the very good discussion, I really enjoyed reading all your comments, although sometimes I was wondering if you are being honest or not. I know that all of us are special, we are who we are and we have to appreciate that we live, et cetera...
    Somebody mentioned that we have the superpower of imagination. I understand that this is a super power (wrote separately), but so many of us have it. It is special and I am glad that I have it, but what is the thing, guys, what you would like to excel in? If there was ONE thing that only YOU COULD DO!

    So.. if we have the super power of imagination - let's use it! Only one day left!
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    Apr 4 2013: Apart from the superpower of imagination that I already have, you mean?
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      Apr 4 2013: Good point Pabitra! I tried to give your comment a thumbs up, and I got a notice that says... users sharing the same internet connection cannot rate each other's comments! What's up???
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        Apr 4 2013: :) :D Awww. We are sharing more than same internet connection my friend, haha! May be TED thinks you like me too much and thumb me up too often?
        It does not matter anyway Colleen, honestly. You simply can write that you liked my comment.
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          Apr 4 2013: OK.....I LIKE YOUR COMMENT.....and......I believe imagination is very special and powerful. In my humble perception and experience, everything starts with a dream....and/or imagination:>)
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        Apr 4 2013: Thumbs Up Colleen!! :)
  • Apr 4 2013: id be like syler an eat peoples brains.....NO NO NO.JK JK JK! Hancocks pretty tight....actually if you watch the first episode of rainbow bright she has some seroous powers. shes part of a race of super evolved star people and shes pretty much given her sector of the universe to hold down .....come to think of it, green lantern stole there concept from rainbow bright! craaazy!..........i never thought a that..
  • Apr 4 2013: omnipotence
  • Apr 4 2013: The power to share wisdom.
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    Apr 3 2013: Okay, fair enough, but I think you guys are too modest. :)
    I feel very good and I'm a confident person and I know I don't need any superpowers to achieve great things in life, but I still thing that being able to fly or turn invisible or to have extraordinary strength would be awesome.
    Or I could list so many things here - reading thoughts, knowing languages, communicate perfectly, etc..
    Imagine having one of those and using them intelligently, for nice reasons, to help people...

    Millions of people are in need, don't you think a superpower of creating water would help them?
  • mary T

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    Apr 3 2013: I have one but I can't tell you about it. It's too special and secret.
    • Apr 4 2013: I know what it is..........but i wont tell.
      • mary T

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        Apr 10 2013: hahahaha, maybe you do know. You'd know if you had the same superpower. Does it involve Biblical research? Stonehenge? thr Pyramids?
        • Apr 10 2013: D,........All of the above!