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If you could, what kind of superpower would you choose?

I suppose many of us would like to have some superpowers making us even more special than what we are now. Do you want to be invisible, do you want to speak 500 languages fluently, what would you like to know? Be creative!!


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    Apr 15 2013: Hi Everybody,

    thanks for the very good discussion, I really enjoyed reading all your comments, although sometimes I was wondering if you are being honest or not. I know that all of us are special, we are who we are and we have to appreciate that we live, et cetera...
    Somebody mentioned that we have the superpower of imagination. I understand that this is a super power (wrote separately), but so many of us have it. It is special and I am glad that I have it, but what is the thing, guys, what you would like to excel in? If there was ONE thing that only YOU COULD DO!

    So.. if we have the super power of imagination - let's use it! Only one day left!

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