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If you could, what kind of superpower would you choose?

I suppose many of us would like to have some superpowers making us even more special than what we are now. Do you want to be invisible, do you want to speak 500 languages fluently, what would you like to know? Be creative!!


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    Apr 3 2013: Okay, fair enough, but I think you guys are too modest. :)
    I feel very good and I'm a confident person and I know I don't need any superpowers to achieve great things in life, but I still thing that being able to fly or turn invisible or to have extraordinary strength would be awesome.
    Or I could list so many things here - reading thoughts, knowing languages, communicate perfectly, etc..
    Imagine having one of those and using them intelligently, for nice reasons, to help people...

    Millions of people are in need, don't you think a superpower of creating water would help them?

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