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'Further to Our Last Conversation Here Concerning the TED Treatment of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's TEDx Talk'

It seems to me that this issue is far from over and done with.


Closing Statement from Julie Baxter

This is a tough one. The truth is that the proponents on all sides want a resolution to this problem, but there seems to be no response from TED. We're all in state of a quandary as to why there has been a distinct absence of feedback. The overriding feeling here appears to be that Rupert Sheldrake has been treated very shabbily and that a scientist of his qualifications and caliber deserves considerably more respect. Some of us feel sure that Chris Anderson will do the right (gentlemanly?) thing, while others are less inclined to hold their breath.

That aside, it would have been better if this conversation had been allowed a little more time to find its feet. Twenty-four-hours is a very limiting on-line timescale.

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  • Apr 3 2013: Julie, I do feel a sense of outrage on Rupert Sheldrake's behalf, not only with regard to the recent events, but also the way he has been treated over the years. He seems relatively sanguine himself and says he bears no grudge against Chris Anderson.
    This is typical of Sheldrake - always good humoured and always the gentleman which is why I think he earns so much respect.
    Looking at this whole debate in the bigger picture, I agree that Craig Weiler has summed it up superbly. http://weilerpsiblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/ted-not-satisfied-with-current-censorship-tedxwesthollywood-is-taken-down/ The ripples now cannot be stopped.
    The conversation will and should go on, but I'm not sure about trying to extract an apology from TED. From what Sheldrake says he feels Chris Anderson is having to do some rethinking. Possiblyy some members of the science team too. Things go on the background, people start to read more widely, question their own beliefs and perspectives. It takes time. This event and the ensuing conversation have been beneficial to many (with the exception of Coyne and Myers ). I agree wholeheartedly that it should be continued in as many ways and through as many media as possible.
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      Apr 3 2013: Very wise words, Marianne. Thank you.
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      Apr 3 2013: sure not. grudge hurts book sales.
      • Apr 3 2013: Oh come on Krisztian, lighten up. Just take a peek through some of these new windows. You don't have to step outside, or even admit that you are looking out of a window.
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        Apr 3 2013: And the behaviour of TED certainly does not hurt book sales for Rupert. Your comment says more about you than it does about Rupert, Krisztian.
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          Apr 3 2013: obviously not. it actually helps a great deal. one tedx presentation won't get you much attention. but being censored! that's much better.

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