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How do you feel about ageism?

Do you believe it still exists in our world today? In what forms or aspects do you believe prove that ageism still exists? I currently work in a corporate office where older generations are more dominant and as a recent college graduate, I can't help but feel discriminated by them. Thoughts?


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  • Apr 4 2013: Why does the North American advertizing culture still direct its ads at the younger market even though the baby-boomers are growing in size and have more money to spend? Look at the ads on TV...mostly directed at the young and the ads directed at the older generation have to do with pain relievers, senior homes, declining health issues and funeral planning.
    I think it's sad that we still have this view of "older" people or at least the advertizers are still projecting this outdated view.
    I don't think that young people are disrespectful of those in the advanced years of their lives...but they may tend to not fully appreciate them. This is probably true of every generation, I know there were things I wish I had asked my parents about their lives....but there are probably things I should be asking my children about their hopes, dreams and fears. Maybe it's time for young and old to start talking to one another.

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