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How do you feel about ageism?

Do you believe it still exists in our world today? In what forms or aspects do you believe prove that ageism still exists? I currently work in a corporate office where older generations are more dominant and as a recent college graduate, I can't help but feel discriminated by them. Thoughts?


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  • Apr 3 2013: Erika, you might notice ageism, but there is the reverse also. Getting on a bit, I notice young folks ignore the older ones!

    If you feel discrimination, then I suggest getting to know people better and let them know you better. Some may even want a "grandparent" role in the office and generally, grandparents love their grandchildren! Let people get to know you better and they will want to know you even more, work with you more harmoniously, and greet you cheerfully. Show them your best skills and dedication to duties.

    Relationships can be sour, negative, unsatisfying, sad or a person could take charge to make a change for the better. Offices are opportunities for people to fine tune skills in human relationships. Hey! We're human; we make mistakes and we can cause hurt. But, having confidence in self we can forgive, repair, rise to cheerful living and feel greater satisfaction of life.

    Ageism is not discrimination generally; it is failure for people of all ages to relate well. Get in there and show everyone a better way. Don't let anyone see you whining!!!!!

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