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Will China's adoption of Linux create a new Virtuous Cycle?

I believe that China's standardization on Linux creates a host of new opportunities for all who want to participate in a Virtuous Cycle of co-prosperity.

I analyze this new trend on my blog:

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    Apr 4 2013: Indeed a significant day for Copyleft.
  • Apr 3 2013: Dear Ashwin Dixit,Here we are used to using Windows system.So far most of clients don't like to use Linux with copyright but windows without copyright.If China wants to change the situation,there are a lot to do in education and concern about other issue too...
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    Apr 3 2013: G'day Ashwin

    Most probably!!

  • Apr 17 2013: yes it shall! the open source Linux is a way to rid Windows of the market in its country!