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Charge your electric car in 3 minuets

Why do all electric cars have to just sit by an outlet for 12 hours? why can't we just replace the fuel in it like we do with gasoline powered cars? My idea is that we have gas stations charge extra batteries and when you pull into the gas station you pay per battery and just replace them making filling up your electric car almost instantaneous. The car itself could be made user friendly by not making the user plug in every battery like conventionally they would but, instead have slots in which the batteries are place then slide a plannel over top of them connecting them properly then all you would have to do is fold down 2 flaps on either side connecting them into the car while also securing this latch that goes over the batteries connecting them.


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    Apr 4 2013: Why not use Hydrogen Fuel Cells which already exist. There are cars available that can go almost 400 miles on 1 10 minute fill up.
    • Apr 5 2013: yes and once one of them get T-boned by a semi it's gonna blow up the entire block haha

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