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Science claims the universe is expanding

What evidence does science have, that explains such, said the spider to the fly. :-)


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  • Apr 15 2013: The hypothesis of Cosmic Expansion stems from the observation of Hubble redshift. The shift is a lowering of expected frequency in the emissions of very distant stars. The hypothesis assumes that distance expands over Time but the rate of passage of time stays constant. This assumption cannot be made. It could equally be that distance remains constant and the rate of time changes. We can only say the ratio of distance to time changes, ie. the speed of light changes. Thus we cannot say that Cosmic Expansion occurs.
    • Apr 15 2013: That's a big change from what science was claiming. When did that happen and why the change, did science all of a sudden find something other than assumptions? I've been fighting the ignorance of so much assumption, in so many things, like light theory, gravitational lensing and so much more. All this assumption is due strictly to evolution. This ignorance is spreading like wildfire and children are being taught that science and grants can be based on guessing, as long as it favors evolution.

      Light breaks up far too easily to make it any distance through space, making gravitational lensing equally impossible. Look to the moon test of light theory. Only single photons made it back and as everything is moving, I think those doing the collecting were using wishful thinking.

      How fast is earth moving in two ways and how fast is our galaxy moving?

      I am very disappointed in science.

      Thanks for your reply Reg.
    • Apr 15 2013: Apologies for coming across so strong, but if you look down this thread, you see these people making claims opposite yours. Most all those that do, believe in evolution. They use one hypothesis to claim another hypothesis is evidence for the first, vice versa and then those for others and others for those.

      These people have so much faith that what science says is right, but they refuse to look at the subjects objectively. They are positive and nothing will change their minds.

      However, schools don't teach children or college grads how to think for themselves. They simply do as they are told. One would think that brainwashing should be outlawed.

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